Our Chocolate Museum

In 1966 Encarna Comes and Pedro Melero get a  house in C/ Sant Josep 29, which is to be a living place and a chocolate oven. Later, in 1995 another place is acquired in C/ Nou 26 which communicates with the living place mentioned before, managing to extend the little oven. In 2000, everything is demolished and a new construction is built to house all our little familiar company (Factory, oven, store, cold room and Musem).

Our Chocolate Museum was born on the 25th April2002, after a huge effort of our previous generation Pedro Melero and Encarna Comes, who after having kept a great legacy of machines and tools used by their ancestors and after having been around the whole Spain getting plenty of items and tools related to the chocolate world, decided to make the chocolate history known in this unique building.

In 2005 adjoining property is acquired and a little extension of our facilities was made that resulted in what you can visit today.

Guided Visit

The visit is guided and lasts about an hour. The museum consists of a ground floor where there is a TV to project videos and documentaries, as well as the set of equipment needed to ellaborate chocolate: the metate, the emulsifying machine, the cocoa roaster, the cocoa shelling machine, etc…

Also, in this floor, there is the little shop where all our products are sold.

In the upper floor, there is a vast collection of tools: chocolate machines, grinders, trembleuses, different weight tools, scales, etc… as well as an extensive collection of books about the history of chocolate, uses and traditions.

In the upper floor, there is also a scale model of a falla dedicated to the fascinating world of chocolate, a vast sticker collection, posters, metal boxes and others, used as advertising.

On the first floor, there is also the chocolate oven, where we can look at our traditional way of ellaborating this heavenly delicacy. Here you can also see “Josefina”, this is how we call our mixer-emulsifying machine, the bar-making machine, our cold room, our cocoa grinder and our powder filling machine. And lastly, after learning a little bit about the fascinating world of cocoa and chocolate, you will be able to try our freshly-made stone chocolate.

After having shown you some curiosities, leaving a good taste in your mouth and hopefully having spread a litlle bit more the knowledge of cocoa and chocolate, we will have concluded the visit to the Chocolate Factory-Museum.


In order to get a personal experience in our museum, it is essential to book date and timr previously. 

An experience with us consists of a full visit to the ground floor of the Museum where there is a vast collection of machinery used to ellaborate chocolate and the projection of an audiovisual, the visit to the upper floor of the Museum where you can see a vast collection of tools used for the ellaboration of chocolate and also our chocolate oven. Here you will also be explained the way we ellaborate our chocolate.

Then you will also attend a personalized chocolate tasting and you will be given a giveaway or a gift basket , according to the type of experience chosen. 

During the tasting, you will have the chance to try a wide variety of our products while one of our experts gives you constant advice on how to eat it, the chocolate-making method, its main features and tells you plenty of curiosities related to cocoa and chocolate.

Virtual Tour

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our museum and get a better understanding of all that we can offer you.

Museum's Ground Floor

Projections of a documentary and samples of our cocoa and seeds

Old utensils and tools, metates, mortars for grinding and stone mills

Set of equipment needed to ellaborate the chocolate

(the cocoa roaster, the cocoa shelling machine, the sugar grinder, the cocoa grinder, the mixer, the mass refiner, the chocolate bar-making machine, scales and weights, etc…)


First Floor

A large room with glass cabinets full of over 2000 parts of utensils used for the ellaboration of chocolate: chocolate-making machines and grinders; set of bushels, scales and weights, different chocolate moulds, cocoa fruits, a library with a vast collections of books dealing with the world of cocoa and chocolate, a scale model of a falla dedicated to the discovery of cocoa, a glass cabinet full of curiosities and so on.

On walls and pillars, there are chocolate stickers, old posters, different chocolate brands packagings and many curiosities related to chocolate.


Chocolate Oven

You can see all the machinery we use today running.

You can also see how chocolate is ellaborated.

You will be able to taste and get an explanation of different types of chocolate.



Finally, back to the ground floor, you can find a little shop where you can taste and purchase our products.

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