Our History

Our family has been dedicated to chocolate-making since even before 1870. Our ancestors used to elaborate this delicacy in a family setting as was customary at the time. Descendants of chocolate-makers from Torrente (chocolate-maker city par excellence then), they produced the chocolate totally in a hand-made way.

The first reference of this we have is that of Pedro Comes Chulia (1858-1940) who appears as chocolate-maker in his birth certificate. This shows he was descendant of a chocolate-maker family, and also that our family has been dedicated to chocolate-making even before 1870.

Pedro Comes Chulia was married to Luisa Andreu Mora, they had 8 children, one of them being Bernardo Comes Andreu (1896-1982 Torrente-Sueca). He moved to Sueca with his small chocolate oven and after marrying Maria Matoses Expert, they set up the first chocolate factory in Sueca, located for a little period of time in C/

 Street, later it moved to C/ Sequial and after being in C/La Vall too, it definitely moved to C/San Jose, very close to where it is now. At that time, chocolate couldn’t be sold as nowadays, it was due to rationing and almost exclusively for soldiers. As we said before, the chocolate oven eventually moved to 29 San Jose on 8th November 1966, where it is still nowadays. Bernado Comes and Maria Matoses had a daughter, Encarna Comes Matoses(1940 Sueca), who followed the family tradition after marrying Pedro Melero Pastor.

The family Encarna Comes and Pedro Melero developed a new way of commecializing the products, selling them directly on the street,in different markets and events. Besides, and thanks to the boom of their chocolate and their passion for it, Encarna Comes and Pedro Melero were the founders of the Chocolate museum, inaugurated on 24th April 2002 as well as the impulsors for the improvement  and reformation of our little chocolate oven.

In 2008 and after Encarna and Pedro’s retirement, their children started to run the business giving a new impetus to it, with the modernization of the company’s structure and the extension of street markets where the chocolate is sold, taking part in a circuit of more than 150 events each year, both nationally amd internationally. We make chocolate tastings and hold workshops, not only at the museum but also at the different chocolate markets, where we sell and make our products known. Our museum is getting bigger, with the possibility of guided visits; individual, familiar, groups and collectives. In fact, our museum has become the most visited place in the city of Sueca, with over 15.000 anual visits and the promotion of new marketing systems, as the new web design, our shop online, a personalized product line, as well as guided visits or tastings in our museum-factory.

Today, we still elaborate our so endearing stone chocolate called “Bollet” (in a cylindrical bar), the way our ancestors taught us, we even mantain our stone chocolate with carob, which was very succesful during the post-war. We have been pioneers in the making of stone chocolate with “Chufa” (Tiger nuts) and the only ones who make spicy stone chocolate. We were also the first to produce a chocolate honey which can be used to melt, spread or mix. 

Besides, we elaborate three different types of hot chocolate, the most famous one being the chocolate powder, followed by the ground chocolate and our sugarless chocolate powder (with carob and stevia).

We also offer the most contemporary superfine chocolates; pure and milk, with and without almonds, and even a pure sugarless one with maltitol. 

We also provide with a variety of nuts covered with toppings and chocolate.

And lastly, we also offer prime quality raw material: cocoa seed, pure cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa husks, etc…

All this, always following the tradition and high-quality standards we have always offered. We invite you to discover all our products in our online shop.

The first reference of this we have is that of Pedro Comes Chulia (1858-1940)who appears as chocolate-maker in his birth certificate. 


Nowadays, the museum receives about 15.000 anual visits (being the most visited place in the city of Sueca) and the company Chocolates Comes S.L. takes part in more than 140 national and international events.



On 24th April 2002 the museum is inaugurated.



We take part in the first “medieval market” in Sueca.




The chocolate oven eventually moved to 29 San Jose on 8th November 1966, where it is still nowadays.




Encarna Comes Matoses is born (Bernardo Comes Chulia’s daughter). Nowadays she is still sometimes seen helping at the company.

He is married to Pedro Melero Pastor. They are the founders of the Chocolate museum.


Pedro Comes Chulia, chocolate-maker’s son, was born in Torrente, Valencia. (chocolate-maker city par excellence) is the first referent in our company.



Bernardo Comes Andreu (Pedro Comes Chulia’s son), moves the company to Sueca.